The first Phoenix Cup Regatta was held in Annapolis, MD on September 13th and 14th, Twenty Oh Eight.

Regatta Chairman:


Summary: The inaugural Regatta fielded 8 Johnson 18s in traditional Chesapeake drifting conditions. After a postponement wind filled from the east, contradicting any forecast, and a race was run. Unfortunately, the breeze didn't last and the competitors baked in the sun between races for what seemed like eternity without explanation from the committee boat. Finally the sea breeze filled in at 2:00pm just as racing was called for the day and everyone sailed back for the Saturday night Phoenix Cup party.

The inaugural's second race day was much more fruitful, yielding three full races in 10-12 knot breeze. During the trek to the course, points leader 125 broke its spinnaker pole in half carrying the chute through a large wake. The fleet, perhaps sensing blood in the water, got their boats dialed in for several competitive finishes. Despite valiant efforts, 125 managed to hold on and claim the Cup.

Champion: #125, Lyman


Phoenix Cup Regatta Results